Add an extra dimension to your multi-lingual events by employing the services of our experienced interpreters.


Interpretation service

Interpretation consists rendering, orally and simultaneously, speech pronounced in one language into another language. Interpretation is very different from translation, and is a completely separate occupation. Scripto Sensu will help you to identify your requirements are will provide you with the most suitable interpretation method.

Simultaneous interpreting
Perfect for large meetings and conferences.
Consecutive interpreting
Ideal for tours of premises, tours of facilities, seminars and negotiations.
Whispered interpreting
Practically the same as simultaneous interpreting, this method is ideal for one-to-one meetings and for negotiations involving small groups of people.


Equipment rental service

With Scripto Sensu, you can rent all of the interpretation equipment you you need. From small meetings to large international conferences, you will have reliable and high-quality equipment at your disposal, not to mention professional technical support. Scripto Sensu provides you with the technology you need, depending on the levels of communication and interaction you wish to achieve.
Systems for conferences
Scripto Sensu provides cabins, mikes, heating devices, podiums, overhead projectors, projector screens, etc.
Digital systems
Scripto Sensu uses Bosch DCN conference systems with fully digital sound. The signal recorded is digitalised immediately within the microphone.

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